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Garment Solution

Solution in Garment Industries


Stress with your business ?

  • High reliance on people in running business with the ability to coordinate mostly by verbally
  • Inaccuracy stock in outlet or warehouse
  • Optimize capital with aging inventory, knowing good material, accessories or finished goods
  • Production status, deadline, wip control whether it is inhouse or outsource (eg CMT). Production efficiency, waste control on cutting process
  • Accurate product costing calculation for supporting price competitive
  • Cash Flow
  • Headache to manage the operation when volume transaction increases


Through unique operation process, we tailored garment solution from manufacturing to finished products. We made based on the point of user’s view to simplify and to be adopted. This, hence will leverage a full suite management tool that enhance overall operation. It is significantly improves core activities throughout entire business which are planned, managed and tracked.