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Success Stories

Bahana Gourmet Indonesia (PT BGI) gets a taste for profitable growth with SAP Business One®

Mitra Inti Solusindo provides SAP Business One Solution for Wholesale Distribution, Consumer Products

Supplying a growing range of gourmet foods across Jakarta and Bali since 2008, PT Bahana Gourmet Indonesia (PT BGI) embarked on a digital upgrade and transformation to support rapid expansion.

Before: Manual and disconnected reporting

  • After 11 years, PT BGI’s internal legacy software was outdated and restricting growth
  • As the business added more products, locations and customers, the manual consolidation of reports was slow and required a lot of double-checking
  • Financial statements across each branch were disconnected
  • Management lacked the flexible tools they needed to meet the evolving business needs

Why SAP and Mitra Inti Solusindo (MIS)

  • SAP Business One integrates all core business functions across the company including financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory and operations
  • After extensive research, SAP Gold Partner MIS was selected as they had proven experience in customising SAP solutions for Indonesian businesses since 2004

After: All-in-one control

  • With one application centralising processes and data across the business, reports and analysis are now fast and efficient
  • Consolidated reports are available in real time, so decision making is fast and informed
  • Integrated statements across accounting, sales and warehousing enable strict financial control and accountability for each branch
  • PT BGI now has the flexible and scalable digital tools needed to drive profitable growth long term


“SAP Business One makes consolidated reporting easier, therefore analysis and decision-making is faster and more efficient. MIS tailor-made the solution to suit our needs.”

Rio Djajatmadja, Director, PT Bahana Gourmet Indonesia (PT BGI)