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Success Stories

PT Bukit Berlian Group turned to SAP Business One® for transparency and accuracy business process in real-time.

Established in 2013, based in Sulawesi, PT Bukit Berlian Group Plantation is a palm oil producer in the region managing 80,000 hectares of palm oil plantations across Palu, Gorontalo, Manado and Maluku Utara.

Mitra Inti Solusindo implemented SAP Business One, a single integrated platform across the company, consistent, transparent, accurate processes, and user friendly made it simpler and more efficient for an employee to perform company-wide tasks.

SAP Business One® robust ERP platform supports PT Bukit Berlian Group to innovate and lead the way in a highly competitive agribusiness market.

Before: challenges and opportunities

  • PT Bukit Berlian Group has a successful track record spanning 8 years with strong consistent growth, however, the old system is no longer able to cope with the complexity of business processes and the growth of company needs.
  • With plantation and mill located in various regions, 500 staff, and multiple partners required a standard system that is able to connect and integrate the company's business processes within the organization.

Why SAP and Mitra Inti Solusindo?

  • Many plantations are already using SAP.
  • Mitra Inti Solusindo as an SAP Business One Partner has a proven track record and 16 years of experience in ERP implementation.
  • SAP Business One system by Mitra Inti Solusindo delivers vertical solutions for plantation and customization that significantly improve business processes, automation and integration, and more real-time data. Within 2 years successfully completed the implementation of SAP Business One and Go-Live across all 4 subsidiaries of Berlian Group.


  • Management and staff across the business can view sales, orders, and inventory reports in real- time which helped optimize delivery times and customer service.
  • With a single integrated platform across the company, consistent processes made it simpler and more efficient for an employee to perform company-wide tasks.
  • A scalable, flexible ERP Platform positions the business growth in a fast-changing market.
  • Can be accessed from a single center: Easy access to data with transparency and accuracy
  • Future focused: SAP Business One can be upgraded according to the company growth

Client Testimony 

“SAP Business One helps us innovate fast and continue to lead the way in a competitive market. Mitra Inti Solusindo has been a very responsive partner, helping us to get the most out of the system.”

IT Team PT. Bukit Berlian Group