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Success Stories

Achieving higher quality at lower costs with a digital manufacturing platform on SAP Business One®

SAP Business One Solution for Industrial Machinery & Components (retail equipment, doors and storage for local and international retailers.)

To build on a long period of steady growth, Spectrum UniTec partnered with Mitra Inti Solusindo (MIS) and SAP on a digital transformation to accelerate their reach to retailers nationally and internationally.

Before: Manual systems increase costs and slow production

  • With a growing customer base from supermarkets and department stores to stationery retailers and pharmacies, order and data volumes had outgrown existing systems
  • Manual data entry took up a lot of unnecessary time and required double-checking
  • Creating new invoices and processing existing orders and contracts was slow

Why SAP and Mitra Inti Solusindo (MIS)

  • Used by many local companies with excellent word-of-mouth referrals, SAP Business One integrated all core functions from finance and sales to manufacturing and warehousing
  • As an SAP Gold Partner with proven results since 2004, MIS was the ideal choice to design and implement a customised manufacturing and supply chain solution with ongoing support

After: Quality products on time at low cost

  • Centralised, simplified and standardised processes company-wide meet the core objective of delivering just in time production, timely deliveries and quality products at low cost
  • Automated data consolidations, analysis and reports enable informed management decisions
  • Eliminating many manual processes saves costs on overtime and electricity
  • Leadership can now focus more time on strategy instead of daily operation and processes

Cost Saving:

Reduced manual processes cut overtime, electricity costs and management overheads

A Unified Business Platform:

Accounting, sales, production, procurement, and inventory on one integrated system.

Customer Testimony

“The end-to-end integrated approach using SAP Business One implemented by Mitra Inti Solusindo provides accurate business data and fast analysis to help drive our business strategy.”

Nathan S. Konander, Director, PT Spectrum UniTec