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Success Stories

UD Fajar Laut

UD. Fajar Laut transforms its business process with SAP Business One® to build an integrated and connected platform, as well as real-time data visibility in one central location.

A family business since 1980, UD. Fajar Laut is a distribution company for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FCMG) products, which operate in Lampung and Sumatra region.

Mitra Inti Solusindo implemented SAP Business One to help UD. Fajar Laut manages multiple product and sales information within a single center. Transparent, accurate processes and user-friendly made it simpler and more efficient for an employee to perform company-wide tasks.

SAP Business One® robust ERP platform supports UD. Fajar Laut to be agile, adaptive, and innovative in fast-changing market.

Before: challenges and opportunities

  • UD. Fajar Laut has succeeded in growing rapidly, but, the old system is no longer able to cope with the complexity of business processes and the growth of company needs.

  • With thousand of store partners across Lampung and Sumatera region, 200 staff, and various products required a standard system that is able to connect and integrate the company's business processes within the organization.

  • Build an integrated data platform that can be accessed in real-time, anytime, and anywhere with any device.

    Why SAP and Mitra Inti Solusindo?

  • Many partner companies are already using SAP

  • Mitra Inti Solusindo as an SAP Business One Partner has a proven track record and 16 years of experience in ERP implementation.

  • SAP Business One system by Mitra Inti Solusindo delivers completed solutions for retail business and customization that significantly improve business processes, automation and integration, and more real-time data. Implementation of SAP Business One at UD. Fajar Laut has been running since 2015, and currently all modules have been successfully Go-Live..


  • Management can view, and analyze data accurately, faster, and in real-time which makes it more efficient and increase company productivity.

  • With a single integrated platform across the company, consistent processes made it simpler and more efficient for an employee to perform company-wide tasks.

“All-in-one Solution of SAP Business One is the right and best solution for UD. Fajar Laut. Support us to innovate rapidly and continue to grow in a competitive market."

Dhany Cahyadi, Owner, UD. Fajar Laut